Chrysalis was founded in 2010 under the conviction that the interests of the customer should supersede the need to sell products. After revealing and experiencing firsthand the weak structural integrity of the bank and insurance companies’ product-centred model, Arul Valan started a firm that would value a disciplined analytical approach to investments over conventional analytics and imprecise conjectures. As they sought to teach customers about this approach and its effectiveness in determining the most beneficial risk/reward decisions, education quickly emerged as another key value of the new firm.

Rather than simply telling customers which decision to make, they detailed the objective analytics that supported these decisions. This unbiased methodology and transparency helped customers build confidence not only in the firm’s ability to make informed investment decisions, but in their own ability to make these decisions as well. Many years later, the firm continues to apply its analytical framework to evaluate the potential risks and rewards embedded in complicated securities.


We exist to inspire financial decision makers to pursue the Path of Superior Performance and help them achieve results that surpass those they would otherwise attain.

Through our demonstrated commitment to our clients, our innovative ideas, and solid experience, we strive to enhance our clients’ strategies, giving them the confidence that they are doing everything possible to achieve exceptional performance.


Our work defines what we do, our values define who we are. Our commitment to our core values leads us in our daily efforts, and is exemplified by our dedication to our customers, our high standards of performance, and our ethical treatment of others. We believe our adherence to these values is instrumental to our success.

We place high value on integrity, excellence, teamwork, and results. We treat clients as we would wish to be treated and care for client assets as if they were our own, incorporating excellence throughout the process. All of our team members utilize the same methodology so that our resources are devoted to solving problems using a consistent viewpoint. Thus, we can reach new solutions more effectively, and work to achieve our goal of improved performance for the client.