About Chrysalis Investment Advisors

Chrysalis Investment Advisors is an independent SEBI Registered investment management firm with experience managing fixed and variable-income portfolios for institutions and individuals.

Due to our commitment to remain independent we help eliminate some potential conflicts of interest, because we do not represent any one company but represent all companies enabling us to give unbiased opinion. Our competent, experienced, knowledgeable advisors care about you, and will not expose you to unnecessary risks.

Using our Chrysalis Dynamic Return methodology, Chrysalis strives for consistent, unbiased investment decisions rather than decisions made by conventional market assumptions and speculations. We use this disciplined analytical framework to evaluate potential risks and rewards across and within investment sectors, with the goal of creating the most beneficial risk/reward profiles to help investors meet a wide range of investment objectives. We believe this methodology has historically revealed investment opportunities and exposed otherwise embedded risks.

Chrysalis is based in Powai, Mumbai with a staff of seven full-time professionals and services more than 200 upper income families as of March 31, 2015.